5 Things No One Tells You About Becoming A Parent

For those of you who think parenting is just as fun as it looks on Instagram, you’re in for a big surprise. Stop scrolling for a few minutes, ‘cause we’re about to give you a glimpse into the real lives of parents everywhere. Parenting is – how do we say this nicely – freakin’ hard! Of course it’s also insanely rewarding, but we’re here to give you a parenting reality check you don’t want to miss.

Here are a few things no one – not even your mom or best friend – tells you about becoming a parent.

1) It’s not like the movies.
The movies make everything look 10x more glamorous, especially parenting. Whether portraying birth, breastfeeding, or bathtime parenting on-screen is nothing like off-screen. In real life, parenting is messy and unpredictable. There are no second takes or do-overs. No one fixes your hair and makeup in between takes and you certainly can’t call “line”! Parenting is more like a wacky improv show with plenty of room for mistakes, learning and personal development. 

2) You’re going to cry and laugh a lot. 
Take out the Kleenex, parenting brings up all the feels you’ve been running from for years. Even the world’s toughest parents can’t escape the pandora’s box of emotions that comes with caring for your precious newborn child. Parenthood has a strange way of making us reflect on our own childhood – the good, the bad and everything in between. If you’re a new parent, prepare yourself for an emotional rollercoaster that’s bound to last a good 18+ years.  

3) You’ll have to compete with Peppa Pig.
We bet you didn’t think your competition would be a guitar-playing pink pig. Sure she’s cute, but does she really deserve all the attention she gets from your kids?! When your kids are glued to the screen and seem more interested in Peppa than you, remember – it’s not entirely their fault. According to Dr. Jenny Radesky, an expert on technology use by children, “the design of modern technologies is purposefully…programmed with the sort of variable rewards that keep humans engaged.” In short, screens are addictive and apparently so are pink pigs. 

4) Parenting is messy.
We’re not just talking dirty diapers. When we say messy, we mean you’re going to mess up a lot – too many times to count. And when you do, you’re going to need a lot of self love and compassion. There are no perfect parents and even the best parents make mistakes. The term “good enough mother”, coined by British psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott, refers to a mother who is not “perfect”, but “good enough” to only cause her child a slight amount of frustration. So while here are no perfect mothers, “good enough” is just great.

5) It doesn’t come with a manual.
Driving comes with a manual. So does putting together your new Kitchen Aid. You know what doesn’t come with a manual? That’s right, parenting – the hardest job in the world. From potty training to picky eaters, parenting is a never-ending maze of challenges. If only there were a handheld book with simple answers to the most difficult parenting questions. With so much false information out there, Google certainly isn’t the place to go; and while parenting books are awesome, they’re no replacement for 1-on-1 parent coaching.

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