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Schedule, Meet & Get Paid - All in one place.

Forget the hassle of juggling multiple apps and tools. ParentGood makes running your online practice easy.

Manage & Grow Your Practice

One tool for all your professional needs.

If you are a professional, you know how much of a hassle it is to schedule, meet, and collect from customers - as you juggle between different services and apps. That’s why we created ParentGood - so you can manage everything from one place.

Virtual meeting | ParentGood

Virtual Meetings & Chat

Connect with your clients instantly and chat from your phone or computer

Scheduling | ParentGood

Scheduling & Calendar

Integrate with your calendar and allow clients to book meetings based on your availability

Payments | ParentGood

Payments & Billings

Accept all kinds of payment methods including major credit cards and Apple Pay

Reminders | ParentGood

Reminders & Confirmations

Send clients reminders and meeting confirmations to reduce no-shows

Coupons | ParentGood

Coupons and Packages

Follow up with your clients with exclusive offerings to increase retention

MoreClients | ParentGood

More Clients

Expand your clientele by joining TopX professional marketplace.

AboutUs | ParentGood

About Us

If you are a therapist, doctor, lawyer, consultant, trainer, tutor, or any other professional service provider, you probably know how much of a hassle it is to schedule, meet, chat, message, remind, confirm, and even charge and collect from each customer - as you juggle between different services and apps.

Now you can manage everything from one place!

Manage & Grow Your Practice

Why ParentGood

EasyToUse | ParentGood

Easy to use

ReliableToWeekInternet | ParentGood

Reliable even on weak internet

FullTimeCustomerService | ParentGood

24/7 customer service

AffordablePricing | ParentGood

Affordable pricing

Insanely Affordable Pricing

No contract, cancel anytime.

PricingFree | ParentGood

Pro (Free)

  • 100 hours monthly usage of video / call
  • Dedicated meeting room
  • Calendar sync & Client Scheduling
  • Receive all payment methods
  • Accept attachments
  • Save & manage clients data
  • Tickets/Emails Support
  • Booking widget
  • Free chat with clients

PricingPro | ParentGood

Pro Unlimited ($19.99 / month)

  • All features from Pro
  • Unlimited video, call meetings usage
  • Unlimited group meetings
  • 24/7 customer support

No credit card required