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As rewarding as parenting is, it can also leave parents scratching their heads and googling random parenting questions for hours on end. We asked 5 parents the same question: What is the biggest parenting challenge you’re currently facing?

Their answers were varied, but one thing was clear — parenting comes with tons of everyday challenges. Check out what these parents have to say about the parenting challenges on their minds these days.

A Case of Stupid
“My four year old son won’t stop using the word stupid! I’m not sure where he heard it (I assume at preschool), but somehow it’s become his favorite new word. He calls everything stupid — his toys, his friends, even us! He uses the word in public, which is embarrassing, to say the least. I can’t figure out what motivates his behavior. Does he want attention? Does he think he’s funny? Does he even understand what he’s saying? I’ve been told this is a phase, and I’m torn about how to respond. I feel judged by friends when I ignore the behavior, but when I reprimand him, it seems to become a bigger issue. Could really use some help finding the best way to manage this challenging issue!”
– Melissa R, mother to 3 children ages 4, 2 and 3 months

Double the Trouble
“Does being a mom of twins count as a parenting challenge? Kidding! No one could prepare me for parenting twins, not to mention twin boys! At one and a half years old, they don’t yet have the words to communicate their needs, but they definitely have a lot to say. My younger twin is constantly grabbing toys out of his brothers’ hands, which always ends the same — loud screams and an ocean of tears. I feel like a judge in a courthouse constantly having to access the situation and decide whose side to take. I’d love some tips on how to deal with my adorable but challenging twins!”
– Noelle H, mother to twins ages 1.6 months

Anybody Have a Map?
“The biggest parenting issue I’m dealing with now is finding personal time to read, work and enjoy life with my wife. Our son wakes up at the crack of dawn and obviously needs his parents’ attention. We feed him and play with him and sometimes it’s hard to get a few minutes to ourselves. Even when he’s asleep, we’re tired or have been working all day and don’t have time for hobbies or each other. I’d want to get a clear roadmap from a parenting coach about the best way to maximize personal time given the amount of attention a young child needs. I need help finding a sense of individual attention in our lives.
– Matt D, father to son age 2

One, Two, Help!  
“Last year I gave birth to our second son, which made life more complicated. When my husband and I were new parents, we had all the time in the world and attention to give our firstborn. While we were just as excited to welcome our second son, things have been different. I simply don’t have the same time or energy to devote to my second son. At the same time, my husband has taken on a higher paying job that’s more stressful and time consuming, so naturally he’s around less. I could really use some tips as to how to better juggle the boys, as well as how to work through my feelings of guilt and even sadness.
– Marybelle, mother to 2 sons ages 3 and 1

To Stay or Leave – That is the Question
“Here’s a little taste of bedtime: we get into our favorite pajamas, brush our teeth, and get in bed for a story. Everything is smooth sailing until it’s time for me to leave the room. Even when I tell my daughter I’ll be back in a few minutes to check on her, she starts with: “No mommy, don’t go.” I have no clue if she’s really not tired, or if she simply wants me by his side. If I sit on the bed, she’s totally fine and calm. If I try to leave, she cries and comes out. I’m not sure if this is an unavoidable battle that all parents go through, or if there are creative ways I can find to leave the room that might work. Would love some ideas!”
– Rachelle S, mother to 2 daughters ages 7 and 4  

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